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Cleaner, Remover for hardeners of PU Foam | ISO- Isocyanates TED-ISO™

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Remover, Cleaner for hardeners of PU Foam - Isocyanates (ISO) TED-ISO™

Cleans ISOCYANATES (hardeners, Isocyanates, ISO) of Polyurethane foam.

A NON-Hazardous Liquid.

Ideal for cleaning all kinds of guns, aggregates, PVC, wood, stone, roof tiles, concrete, epoxy, steel, upholstery, clothing, clothes, etc. The product of instant action without interference in the surface structure.Chemical formula based on modern technology ICP® Intelligent chemical properties. >WIKIPEDIA

Wide range of applications in all sectors of the economy:

Our product was appreciated, among others, by:
    Manufacturers of elements or parts of polyurethane foam.
    Manufacturers of PUR foam.
    Manufacturers of doors and windows.
    Installation companies.
    Companies engaged in insulations (with the use of polyurethane).
    Automotive industry (seats, grips, handles etc.).
    Manufacturers of toys.
    Shipbuilding (sealing elements, etc.).

    Friendly for people and the environment.
    Extremely fast reaction time (up to 20 minutes).
    No traces left.
    No surface damage.

Side effects  Use special precautions when handling chemicals! Particularly if the ISO is on a varnished surface! You must be careful and gentle!
It does not leave any side effects in the form of discolouration, mechanical and chemical damage of cleaned structure.

Directions for use
After spraying the preparation, wait approx. 5 - 15 minutes, wipe with a cloth or stiff bristle brush. If the stain is not removed, the procedure should be repeated. In the case of a thicker layer, removed it with a scalpel, leaving a thin layer of polyurethane and re-spray the residue. Before use of preparation, make an attempt in an inconspicuous place!

Application tips: Before using the preparation, test it in the invisible place. If the cleaned surface is sensitive  do not spray the cleaner but use a cotton swab soaked in the liquid.

Safety data
    The product contains mineral components that may be harmful to the skin and eyes.
    Does not pose a risk to health and the environment.
    Keep out of reach of CHILDREN!!!

Use required personal protective equipment (gloves). Rinse immediately if product comes into contact with eyes. If the fluid is swallowed, consult a doctor.
Other information

    Store in a closed container
    In a cool place at temperature between + 5C and + 25C
    Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacture

Country of origin: USA

Brand URL : https://www.tedgar.co.uk
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We have also tried out TED ISO. Result was good, except for metallic colors RAL that is aggressive and the colour is easily removed. Otherwise, both products are very good. So I want to order from TEDGAR-PUR and TED ISO Out 1x each 5 liter canister hereby.
Sincerely Ercan Tasci Production Manager Lattonedil DE GmbH Innovative Ring 24 91550 Dinkelsbühl
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The liquid That worked you 'TED-ISO ™ Remover For Hardeners Of PU Foam - ISO- Isocyanates'' (which came only spray). We require 5 liters shipped by air Means same as soon as possible. Waiting for your prompt quote and shipping as soon as possible. Best regards. Arq. Cristian Guarachi Q. AATech La Paz, Bolivia
Arq. Cristian Guarachi Q.
La Paz, Bolivia
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I'm also tested it on some clothing and some carpet and I'm very impressed. I once worked with a window company that had lots of problems with installers that got the polyurethane foam all over the place and I will be recommending it to companies I've worked with. Once again thank you.
Sincerely, Todd Firkins
> 1-317-956-7130

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