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TED-RUST™ (TM300) Rust remover

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TED-RUST™ (TM300) Rust remover

Rust remover is an excellent solution for the most demanding process conditions. It is widely used in all applications where the metal or metal parts should be clean and free of rust or stone.

Is an alternative option wherever other cleaning technique: e.g. sand blasting, cleaning with ice, is not effective or is too expensive.

    In addition, a special component cleans oil residues, grease and of other contamination.
    Removes rust.
    Brightens non-ferrous metals.
    Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect the metal base.
    Based on water.
    Protects anticorrosive coating.

Metal cleaning

Large and loose sheets of corrosion should be removed with a steel brush or with the use of other mechanical cleaning. Lubricants and similar contaminations should be removed before removing the rust. The cleaning solution can be applied by spraying or rubbing on the rusty surface. The best results are obtained, however, by a dipping in the solution. This increases the effectiveness of the substance. TED-RUST™ can be used repeatedly: research has shown that the effectiveness of the solution does not decrease even after 20 to 40 times of solution usage. The elements should remain dipped in the solution until the rust and oxides layers are completely removed from the cleaned surface. Dipping time is different and ranges from 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on the amount of rust, the type of steel and the temperature. At higher temperatures, the reaction time is significantly reduced. Usually the reaction time is from 1 to 4 hours. Recommended temperature of dipping with TED-Rust™ (TM300) is above 20°C. Optimal results are obtained at a temperature of about 25°C. Increasing the temperature of the liquid (e.g. 40°C) accelerates the reaction of removing rust but also increases the evaporation. Cleaned parts should be thoroughly dried before applying other coatings (e.g. galvanizing or painting). In the case of long-term storage of already cleaned parts, they should be protected and secured.

ICP® - Intelligent Chemical Properties is an extension of Nanotechnology definition. The cleaner penetrates the surface to be cleaned, "analyses" the chemical composition of the contamination and at the same time reacts only with specific components and then "sucks" them out. Thanks to this formula TEDGAR cleans particularly deep contamination without affecting the structure, properties and colours of the cleaned surface. Even particularly delicate and often cleaned surfaces retain their natural properties and colours.

TED-Rust™ (TM300) provides excellent protection against moisture.
Anticorrosion: TED-RUST™ (TM300) leaves a protective coating assuring a temporary corrosion protection. This passive layer provides high surface roughness, which allows for maximum adhesion of primer or other cover.



    Shipyards: repair of boats / ships
    Military and defence industry
    Automotive: including anticorrosion preparation of vehicle body
    Chassis / engines
    Steel constructions
    Metal processing
    Maintenance in warehouses and storehouses
    Garages, storehouses of used car parts (junkyard)
    Criminal laboratories
    Monuments conservation workshops, museum, e.g. weapons / guns
    Processing of sheets of steel and other metals
    Processing of tubes / piping installations
    Processed parts


    Restoration of rusted objects after their long storage
    Nuts / bolts
    Screw connections
    Internal corrosion
    Castings housings
    Tools / Instruments

Safety data
    Acid-based cleaner
    The product contains mineral components that may be harmful to the skin and eyes.
    Does not pose a risk to health and the environment.
    Keep out of reach of CHILDREN!!!

It does not leave any side effects in the form of discolouration, mechanical and chemical damage of cleaned structure.
Other information

    Store in a closed container
    In a cool place at temperature between + 5C and + 25C
    Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture

Country of origin: USA

Brand URL : https://www.tedgar.co.uk
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Hello all! The fluid acts as it is described and shown in the film. The heavily rusted items soaked in the liquid recover their former glory and once again serve its intended purpose. I highly recommend - Christopher, 48 603 538 969,
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