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Removing chewing gum TED-GUM™

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TED-GUM™ chemical preparation for removing chewing gum.

Professional remover for removing chewing gum from all surfaces: carpet, upholstery, wood, stone, hair, clothes, skin, etc., of extremely high efficiency.

Chemical formula is based on non-aggressive active substances ICP® - Intelligent Chemical Properties. It does not cause side effects, i.e. discoloration and damage to the structure of the cleaned surface.



Unlimited applications for professional cleaning companies:

• squares and places of public use: schools, hospitals, offices,

• retail and office buildings,

• cinemas / theatres,

• railways, wagons, airplanes,

• public transport, taxi,

• hotels,

• petrol stations,

• wholesalers,

• supermarkets.


• Friendly for people and the environment.

• Extremely fast reaction time (up to 2 minutes).

• Very high efficiency (aromatic fragrance).

Side effects:

It does not leave any side effects in the form of discolouration, mechanical and chemical damage of cleaned structure.

Directions for use: 

Before use, unscrew the cap and screw the atomizer!

After spraying the preparation, wait approx. 2 minutes, wipe with a cloth or stiff bristle brush. If the stain is not removed, the procedure should be repeated (wipe with a cloth or stiff bristle brush).

Brand URL : https://www.tedgar.co.uk
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See all 4 items showed good to very good results in the presentation pieces.
Best Regards
i.v. Mirco Arndt
Head of Development & Technical Services Polyurethanes
Hago Chemotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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