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NON-Hazardous descaler TED-AVNICOL™

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Professional descaler suitable for household use. TED-AVNICOL™- NON-Hazardous descaler

TED-AVNICOL™ dissolves limescale with a unique grease-removing formula. Guarantees effortless, fast and safe descaling for professional as well as household use. Its formula guarantees that it is gentle on materials and safe for the environment. Remove limescale a whitish deposit on the inside of pipes, pots, and kettles, caused by minerals leeched from the water.

It is brilliant at removing even a thick scale from any kind of surface. Safe for people and environment, non -hazardous.

TED-AVNICOL™ is suitable for:
- swimming pools
- kettle descaler
- iron descaler
- coffee mashines
- washing mashines
- armature and ceramics
- water tanks
- showers
- toilet descaler

Very effective- 1 liter of liquid  can be diluted.
Cleaning process:
Armature and ceramics:
Spray TED-AVNICOL™ on the cleaned surface or...
Prepare a mixture in proprtion: 100 ml of warm water with 1-2 tea spoons of discaler, pour it onto sponge or cloth and wipe the surface. For heavily limescaled surfaces use brush, then rinse it with water.
For toilets and clogget pipes:
Prepare a mixture in proprtion: 100 ml of warm water with 2-3 spoons of discaler and  pour it into the toilet or clogged pipe.
Wait few minutes, for better effect brush the toilet before flushing.

PH-: 2 -  10 g / Liter  (DIN 19268)
Density: 1,12 g/cm³ (DIN 51757)

Brand: Tedgar

Brand URL : https://www.tedgar.co.uk
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